Features to Look Out for in WOW! TV and Internet in 2022

WOW! TV and Internet

WOW! is amongst the top providers in the country for cable TV and internet connection services. Its broadband services for residential customers have become one of the biggest networks spread across the length and breadth of the United States. The services of this internet service provider have coverage across many states. 

However, the span of coverage area mainly covers the cities in the Southeast and Midwest side of the country.  Apart from that when it comes to cable TV services WOW! is less than none especially the WOW! TV Packages. The provider is offering extended channel lineups for premium and other exciting channels that will surely meet your and your family’s entertainment needs. 

If you are looking for features in WOW! TV and Internet services that the ISP is offering in 2022 you have made the right choice by landing on this blog. Why? Because we have gathered every single piece of knowledge that you need to know about what features the ISP is currently offering in its cable TV and Internet services to customers in the country. So, if you are curious to learn all these areas fasten your seat belt and get ready to explore WOW! with us. 

Let’s start our exploration with the ISP’s TV services to know what features this outstanding service holds to offer us in 2022. So, without any further due let’s check it out!

Bits and Pieces of WOW! TV Service

The provider is striving hard to bring revolution in contemporary in-home entertainment by all means. Focusing on the lifestyle of customers WOW! is trying to provide relevant entertainment solutions. And for that, it has introduced its latest IPTV service with the name of WOW! tv+ alongside its widely available cable TV service in a location where you can access its services. WOW! is delivering its digital TV service adapting the protocol of the internet so that the subscribers can get the fastest services across service areas of WOW!

Furthermore, the ISP is leaving the decision to its subscriber to decide which type of TV service they would prefer to have for fulfilling their household’s entertainment needs. It means you can pick whichever type of TV service match your household’s preference without any issue. So, whether you or your family prefers to stick with the traditional cable-based TV service, or want to enjoy the charm of advanced TV streaming using your internet connection the choice is yours. However, you will get one thing for sure and that is the freedom to expand entertainment options and to reach out to it the way you like.

Features You Will Get In WOW! TV

From an extended array of channels, diverse and HD quality programming channel lineup with popular and local networks, accessibility to On-Demand entertaining content across different devices, and much more you will get incredible features under one roof with your WOW! TV service. 

But if you want to enjoy outstanding perks, benefits, and extended features then WOW! TV and Internet duo is all that you need. Why? Because it is the quick solution for getting more than 130 HD quality channel lineups including On-demand, Local channels, and popular networks. That you and your family can watch on their smart devices connected to your in-home WIFI. 

Plus, you will get the fastest cable broadband that will give you up to 200 Mbps speed. And what more interesting is, you can get your hands on all these perks and cable broadband powered by fiber without any contractual restriction. Isn’t it awesome? 

Curious to know more about WOW! TV and Internet? You must be. But before rushing into it let’s learn how wonderful the ISP’s internet services are and why you should also go for WOW! Internet.  

WOW! Internet Services – Blazing Speed and Seamless Experience 

Are you interested to give a try what blazing internet speeds feel like? Have you ever experienced how well your online experience went if you have super-fast internet speed? Well! If you have not done it yet then your time has arrived. How? Because WOW! Internet is delivering super blazing internet speed through its fiber-rich extended network of cable broadband that you can easily access at exceptionally affordable prices. 

So, if you want to have seamless, buffer-free and uninterrupted online activities such as playing online games, working remotely, streaming TV, studying online, downloading documents or heavy files, or uploading presentations, files, photos, or else 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps internet speed will be enough for you. Isn’t it? Guess what you can have all these luxuries without any contractual obligation and at simplified pricing at WOW! Internet. 

Moreover, you can have other perks link paperless billing and autopay billing for 1 year. However, the availability of speed and equipment may vary depending on your current location so don’t forget to enquire WOW! customer support representative before locking any deal, package, or plan. 

Offers You Will Get at WOW! Internet 

WOW! is one of the internet service providers in the country that focuses on variation in consumer profiles. And it tries to match each by offering a broad range of internet speed tiers and packages that would meet the needs and expectations of every subscriber to a possible level. You will find internet solutions for almost everyone including the small household to large size and populated families and moderate to the heavy internet user. 

Its internet speed tiers are designed to offer distinct internet speeds to perfectly cater diverse needs of customers across the landscape of the United States. But let us remind you that the availability of internet speed may vary in certain locations so don’t forget to confirm from customer services by dialing 1-855-349-9313 about the availability of your desired speed tier in your area. 

List of Features You Will Get in Four Key Internet Offers Available at WOW!

Promo Price

  • Superfast Speeds – $39.99/mo.*
  • Ultrafast Speeds – $49.99/mo.*
  • Fast Speeds – $19.99/mo.*
  • Lightning Fast Speeds – $64.99/mo.*

Whole-Home Wi-Fi (Optional)

  • Superfast Speeds – $9.99/mo.
  • Ultrafast Speeds – $9.99/mo.
  • Fast Speeds – $9.99/mo.
  • Lightning Fast Speeds – Included

Max. Download Speed

  • Superfast Speeds – 200 Mbps
  • Ultrafast Speeds – 500 Mbps
  • Fast Speeds – 100 Mbps
  • Lightning Fast Speeds – 1000 Mbps

Important Note: The price is functional only in selected markets. Plus, all these internets offers to provide you with a one-year-long autopay and paperless billing facility. However, the internet speed and equipment may not equally be available across all the service coverage areas and may vary from city to city, area to area, or state to state. 

Features You Will Get in WOW! Internet Service 

Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Network

The ISP has a state-of-the-art fiber optic-based infrastructure spread over its service coverage areas and covered with Coaxial cable lines till the last mile. This infrastructure has remarkably contributed to skyrocketing internet speed and minimizing the latency rate turning WOW! internet into high-quality and one of the top-notched internet service providers in the industry. 

Limitless Data

WOW! is offering its internet packages and plans without any data caps that give the subscriber freedom from data limits. However, across a few markets you will find its internet packages without the perk of unlimited data but worry not because in those areas the ISP is generously giving you an allowance of 3 TB data (up to). So, you can stream or browse without checking your daily data usage to avoid overusing your monthly data limit. 

Apart from that, there is a broad array of features you may access by hooking up any of WOW! internet plans and packages. We would like to mention some key features here for you to give you a quick overview of what the internet service provider has lined up for its internet subscribers. These features include a series of attractive incentive deals, a service protection plan, next-day in-home installation, 30-day money back guarantee, a Wowway portal, wow! email, amazing customer service, wow! online security, whole-home Wi-Fi, and much more. 

Seems lucrative? Isn’t it? Yes, you are right. But you can make full benefits of amazing WOW! TV and its internet service by acquiring the WOW! TV and Internet package. How? Worry not because this blog contains all answers to your queries. So, stay calm, keep scrolling and keep exploring the best features you can get with this incredible cable TV and internet duo from the house of WOW!

WOW! TV and Internet in a Glimpse 

Since its inception the internet service provider endeavors to expand its coverage across maximum states of the country and its network capacity. Now in 2022, the ISP has service coverage across 9 states and is offering services to more than 840,000 subscribers in the country. Today WOW! is among the benchmark internet service provider in the United States’ industry because of its delivering blazing internet speed through its fiber-rich cable broadband network. 

Plus, its competitive pricing strategy and exceptionally uninterrupted and seamless internet service have collectively contributed to turning WOW! into one of the nations’ choices. However, internet service is not the sole contributor to fuelling its success. The digital phone and cable TV services available at the ISP are also the key determinant of its extraordinary accomplishments in the US industry. 

The features each of its service offer to subscribers create a wow factor by exceptionally meeting the needs and expectations of almost every user. Especially when it comes to WOW! TV and Internet package you will get the best of both worlds at a truly reasonable price tag. 

Since we have aforementioned the offers you will get by acquiring WOW! Internet service it’s time to check out the different combo of cable TV and internet packages or plans that you can avail of from this platform. You can pick any of these packages to get the best combo of features for your household. 

So, let’s get down right into WOW! cable TV and internet combination to find which one is the right fit for you. 

List of WOW! Cable TV and Internet Packages 

Small TV + Internet 

  • Promo Price – $69.99 per month
  • Max. Download Speed – 200 Mbps
  • Max. No. of Channels – 80 and above channels with Free HD

Medium TV + Internet

  • Promo Price – $119.99 per month
  • Max. Download Speed – 200 Mbps
  • Max. No. of Channels – 130 and above channels with Free HD

Large TV + Internet

  • Promo Price – $139.99 per month
  • Max. Download Speed – 500 Mbps
  • Max. No. of Channels – 160 and above channels with Free HD

Important Note: The price is functional only in selected markets. Plus, all these internet offers are providing you facility of one-year-long autopay and paperless billing. However, the internet speed and equipment may not equally be available across all the service coverage areas and may vary from city to city, area to area, or state to state. 

Availability of WOW! TV and Internet Package 

You must have found the best WOW! cable TV and Internet package that will surely meet your and your household entertainment and internet needs. Now before rushing to finalize any deal we would like to advise you to check out the availability of your desired WOW! TV and Internet package in the area you are currently living in. We know that WOW! has comparatively limited coverage across the country and just has spread its services across 9 states and 12 markets. However, it is delivering quality services whether we talk about its internet, or cable TV service. Plus, it is offering round the clock and highly competent and responsive customer support services that are increasing its customer across the markets and states it is currently working. 

We have added areas where you can currently access WOW! tv+ in the country in this blog for your convenience. The states where you can get this service includes Alabama (Cities-Auburn, Dothan, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Valley), Florida (Cities-Panama City and Pinellas), Georgia (Cities-Augusta, Columbus, Fort Gordon, and Newnan), Illinois (Cities-Chicago and Chicagoland, Indiana (City- Evansville), Michigan (Cities-Detroit and Mid-Michigan), Ohio (Cities-Cleveland and Columbus) South Carolina (City-Charleston), and Tennessee (City-Knoxville).

Now let’s check out areas where you can get WOW! cable TV and Internet duo. The states and cities include Tennessee (City- Knoxville), South Carolina (City- Charleston), Ohio (Cities- Cleveland and Columbus), Michigan (Cities-Detroit and Mid-Michigan), Indiana (City- Evansville), Illinois (Cities- Chicago, and  Chicagoland), Georgia (Cities- Augusta, Newnan Columbus, Fort Gordon), Florida (Cities- Panama City, and Pinellas), and Alabama (Cities- Huntsville, Montgomery, Valley Auburn, Dothan). You can also contact WOW! internet service provider in your area or to directly call their toll-free number to know the availability of this amazing package in your area.

Final Thought 

Regardless of which standalone or bundle package you get from WOW! you will always be served with the best features, affordable prices, outstanding performance, and reliable solutions. However, bundling two or more services in a package is mostly a win-win strategy that offers a broad range of benefits and features at budget-friendly price tags. So, go through this blog and find the way to make maximum advantage at a low price by picking the perfect fit at WOW!

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