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713 area code

Houston, Texas is home to the 713 area code, which has become a source of local pride and recognition. From its inception in 1947 as one of the original 86 area codes established in the United States by AT&T, 713 has been a source of regional identity. This article will explore the history and current usage of the 713 area code that is so beloved by Houstonians.

713 Area Codes

The 713 area code is one of the three original area codes for Houston, TX. It was established in 1947 and covers a large portion of the city including Downtown, The Heights, West University Place, Bellaire, and Southside Place. It also serves parts of Harris County and Fort Bend County in addition to portions of Brazoria County and Galveston County. The 713 area code is often associated with Houston’s rap scene due to its prevalence in popular music from the likes of UGK, Geto Boys, Scarface and others.

Additionally, it has become synonymous with the NBA’s Houston Rockets as well as its fans who are known to chant “713!” throughout games. Despite these ties to hip-hop culture and sports fandom however, the 713 area code remains an important part of Houston’s identity today. It is a definitive marker that one is from or related to H-Town that will likely persist for years to come.

Area codes 713, 281, 832 and 346

Houston’s 713 area code has been in effect since 1947, making it one of the oldest area codes in the United States. It originally covered the entire region around Houston, but as demand for phone numbers increased, new area codes were added to accommodate growth. In 1999, 713 split into two separate areas—area code 281 and 832. In 2014, 346 were added to account for further growth in population and businesses.

Though all four of these Houston-based area codes have unique histories and stories to tell, most locals will agree that 713 is something special—it’s a source of pride for many Houstonians. It’s even been featured on several hip-hop albums over the years! For example, rapper Fat Pat released an album called “713: The Takeover” which focused on racial issues and other topics relevant to life in Houston during the 1990s. Additionally, many local businesses proudly feature their 713 area code on t-shirts or other products they offer customers.

The four Houston-based area codes are used interchangeably throughout different parts of the city and its suburbs today; however this wasn’t always the case. Originally each one served specific geographical areas within Harris County before expanding outwards as needed due to population growth or business expansion plans. This arrangement still stands today with some exceptions where overlapping is allowed between certain prefixes from different area codes (e.g.

Most Popular

The 713 area code is one of the most popular area codes in the U.S., especially among Houstonians. It’s been around since 1947 and currently covers much of the Houston metropolitan area, including parts of Fort Bend, Harris, Liberty, and Montgomery counties. The area code has become a symbol of Houston’s unique culture and is highly sought after by those hoping to secure a phone number with the iconic digits.

The 713 area code is also popular for its distinctive dialing pattern: all calls in this region must be dialed with 1 plus the three-digit number to complete any connection. This feature has made it recognizable to even non-Houston residents, who often use it as shorthand when referring to people or businesses based in or near Texas’ largest city. As part of its local recognition, you will find many businesses proudly displaying their “713” numbers on t-shirts and other promotional materials.

Reverse phone search

A reverse phone search is a useful tool for those trying to identify who owns a certain number. By entering the 713 area code, Houstonites can easily find out information about the person associated with that particular phone number. It can be used to verify if someone’s phone number has changed, or if they have recently moved to another area in Houston.

Reverse phone searches can also help identify potential scammers and telemarketers so that people know not to answer calls from suspicious numbers. Additionally, it can provide insight into whether a particular business or organization is legitimate or not. With this information, users are better equipped to protect themselves against any unwanted contact from these unknown sources.

History: Origins and Growth

The 713 area code was first implemented in Houston, Texas in 1947 and has grown to serve over 2.3 million people. The original boundaries of the 713 area code were Greater Houston, Galveston Island, and parts of Brazoria County. However, due to population growth, the area code had to be split into three additional parts: 281 in 1999, 832 in 2012, and 346 in 2015. This expansion helped to alleviate phone number exhaustion as more businesses and residents moved into the city.

The 713 area code is also associated with the hip-hop culture that was born out of Houston’s Third Ward during the 1980s. Rappers such as UGK (Underground Kings), DJ Screw, and Slim Thug are associated with this era; they often referenced the 713 area code in their songs which increased its popularity among younger generations who grew up in inner-city neighborhoods like 3rd Ward. Nowadays, it is widely recognized worldwide as an iconic part of Houston’s culture due to its mention in popular songs from artists such as Beyoncé and Drake.

Culture: Represented in Popular Media

The 713 area code is ubiquitous in Houston, Texas. It has become an integral part of the city’s culture and identity, so much so that it has been a popular topic in popular media. Movies like Get Hard (2015), television shows like The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019) and songs such as “7-1-3” by Slim Thug have all featured the area code.

In addition to its presence in pop culture, the 713 is also celebrated through apparel, with t-shirts and other merchandise displaying “713” on them being sold around Houston. Furthermore, radio stations emblazon their call signs with the iconic numbers — 93Q (KBXX), 97.9 The Box (KTBZ) or Hot 95-7 (KHMX). This is all a testament to how much of an impact the 713 has had on Houston culture over the years and how it continues to be represented in popular media.

Area Codes Adjacent to 713

Most of the area codes adjacent to 713 are located in Texas. 832 is located south of Houston and serves the Houston suburbs of Sugar Land and Pearland. To the east, 281 covers most of Harris County, including the city of Pasadena. The area code 409 borders 713 to the southeast and covers Galveston Island as well as parts of Brazoria, Chambers, Jasper, Jefferson, Liberty, and Orange counties.

Further north lies 936 which serves numerous small cities in Texas such as Conroe and Huntsville. Lastly is 806 which includes Amarillo and several rural communities in northwest Texas. All adjacent area codes to Houston’s 713 were created after it was split multiple times due to an influx in population growth within its service area boundaries.

Residents: Who Lives There?

The 713 area code encompasses much of the Greater Houston area and is home to many people who, for many different reasons, have chosen to settle in this vibrant city. From large, corporate business owners to first-time homeowners and lifelong residents, the 713 community is an eclectic mix of people from various backgrounds. The population makeup is also diverse, with a variety of cultures represented from both Asian and Hispanic communities.

A major draw for those living in Houston’s 713 area code is its strong economy and job opportunities. Houston has become a hub for innovation thanks to the presence of numerous corporations including ExxonMobil, Shell Oil Company, Chevron Corporation, and more. With these businesses come jobs that offer competitive salaries as well as access to higher education at some of the nation’s top universities such as Rice University or Baylor College of Medicine. Furthermore, there are plenty of recreational activities available in the area such as museums, parks, live music venues, and performing arts theaters which makes it easy for residents to find something enjoyable to do on their days off or weeknights after work.

Notable Companies in 713

Houston’s 713 area code has been home to some of the most successful and notable companies in the world. While many people know Houston as an oil-centric city, the city is actually home to numerous large companies across a variety of industries. Some of these include ExxonMobil, Schlumberger, Phillips 66, Halliburton, and Sysco. These companies are all headquartered in Houston, making 713 one of the most important business hubs in Texas.

The 713 area code is also home to some major medical organizations such as MD Anderson Cancer Center and Memorial Hermann hospital system. Additionally, there are many tech start-ups located in this area code including Oildex and Aera Energy which specialize in energy technology solutions. Finally, a few well-known retail franchises have set up shops in Houston’s 713 area code such as Starbucks Coffee Company and Whole Foods Market.

Overall, it’s clear that Houston’s 713 area code is more than just an oil hub; it represents a diverse range of businesses ranging from healthcare to retail that contribute greatly to its economy.

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Conclusion: Home of the 713

The 713 area code is a powerful representation of Houston’s cultural identity. It has become an iconic symbol that resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether it’s through music, art, or fashion, the 713 area code is everywhere in Houston. It also serves as a reminder for locals to stay true to their roots and support their city no matter what.

Overall, the 713 area code has come to represent much more than just a series of numbers on a telephone dial pad; it’s been adopted by locals as part of their own personal identity. Its prevalence in the city is undeniable and serves as a reminder to stay proud and show love for this amazing city. From its strong presence in popular culture to its representation of Houston’s spirit, the 713 will forever be known as the home sweet home in H-Town!

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